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November 10, 2009

Feature on Doom Tourism

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As long as there are tourists seeking to make a trip to the dying spots of earth, the Tourism of Doom may itself never be doomed.

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Feature on B-Boying, a dance trend

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With headstands, head-spins and handwalks, b-boying has the boys out of the gym and back on the floor.

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November 6, 2009

How to make your bathrooms look bigger

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If you think your bathroom is small, don’t fret. FORMS tells you how to make optimum use of the little space.


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Interview Astro-architect Neeta Sinha

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For a good life, match your horoscope with that of your house, says astro-architect Neeta Sinha. Her craft, astro-architecture, is a science that is a fusion of astrology and architecture.

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June 5, 2009

Potraying the Grit of Women in Hindi Cinema

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If Raj Kapoor’s portrayal of women in his films bordered on sexist, Yash Chopra has teetered on the other edge, showing his actresses as innocent, dreamy-eyed romantics. In every era, filmmakers have attempted to celebrate women in a different avatar so it is only in the expected order of things that the current crop of filmmakers turn the spotlight on the physical and emotional strength of a woman. From wielding a sword to kicking-the-villain-in-the-butt, literally, Bollywood heroines are doing it all. Many would argue that it is the Hollywood influence, others say it is actually the women and their demand for such roles that is prompting filmmakers to write characters with gumption.

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